Cannashake™ Hemp Protein Shakes & Drinks

We know that your daily routine can be hard. Unexpected events throughout the day tax your energy and your body. To get the most out of your day, you need a competitive edge that can help push you towards your limits. That’s why we’ve developed the CannaShake to help you get through it all. By mixing our shakes with CBD and Hemp, you can find yourself in a new state of mind to persevere throughout the day.

Each of these shakes offers different benefits depending on whether you’re ingesting CBD or Hemp. When you start your morning with a CannaShake CBD infusion, you’re trying to start your day feeling calm and by managing morning stress. It’s a way to take the edge off the morning. CBD mixes well with your morning coffee to soften the edge. That way you don’t have to worry about common side effects such as morning jitters or aches and pains. CBD also helps manage pain by dulling the pain receptors in your brain and reducing inflammation. If you’re looking for ways to manage stressors, anxious feelings, and pain in your life, our CBD infused CannaShakes is right for you.

However, our Hemp infused Cannashakes also offer a wide variety of benefits. Hemp powder is a resourceful additive packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and oils that help regulate and manage your body. Hemp is a complete protein, which means that it contains some amounts of the nine essential amino acids that we need from our daily consumption of food. It also contains fiber, unsaturated fats, and antioxidants to cleanse your body. When added to our CannaShakes, Hemp becomes the perfect supplement to your workout routine.

When you see the different benefits both CBD and Hemp gives, it might be natural to ask, “how do these two different substances have different effects on my body when they both come from the same plant?” While it’s true that they both come from the cannabis plant, they both come from different parts of the plant; and that changes the way these substances interact with your body. CBD comes from natural oils in the flowers, leaves, and stalks in the cannabis plant. After it’s harvested, it can be used to directly benefit your body. Meanwhile, Hemp derives from the seeds of the Cannabis plant. Because the seeds haven’t begun to develop, it doesn’t contain any CBD. However, it can be ground into powder or turned into hemp seed oil and still contains all the powerful proteins, oils, and vitamins that help regulate your body.

When you start your day with a CannaShake, you’re in tune with your body’s needs, and you’re telling yourself that you’ll take proper care of your body. By using CBD infused CannaShakes, you take the edge off of your stress. And by using Hemp infused CannaShakes, you make sure that the body detoxes itself and has the fuel it needs to get through the day. Try both and see how our CannaShakes can improve your quality of life!

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