About The Pelicann

You’ve cruised through the website and learned about The Pelicann’s assortment of mixes — and how they’re delicious, nutritious, and convenient. (Plus, they’re just plain fun!)

But what about the company behind the bird? Perhaps you’re curious about who we are and what makes us tick. Well, let us introduce ourselves!


Our Mission, Our Purpose, Our Products

You want what you want. And sometimes that thing you want doesn’t exist — yet.Folks — like you — started scouring online and brick-and-mortar shops for high-quality, convenient, scrumptious, healthful hemp-enriched foods and beverages. Let’s just say the results were far less than spectacular.
Sure, consumers could find edibles or snacks enriched with hemp protein. But these items were lacking…
   … lacking consistency from purchase to purchase
   … lacking desirable flavor
   … lacking variety (boring, yawn, next!)
   … just lacking that WOW! factor
That’s how and why The Pelicann swooped onto the scene. We saw this gap and knew this was our niche, our calling! Our expertise in the food and cannabis worlds (more on that down below) meant we were perfectly suited to crafting amazing hemp consumables that check all the boxes.
   ✓  Delectable and delightful
   ✓  Convenient to use and store
   ✓  Quick and easy to prepare
   ✓  Diverse to fit many tastes and occasions
   ✓  Nourishing to support your wellbeing
   ✓  Perfect for a daily indulgence or once-in-a-while treat
   ✓  Rigorously produced for safety and consistency
   ✓  Packed with value
Our products are all of these things. Not just one or two of these, not appetizing-but-nutritionally-empty or good-for-you-but-a-pain-to-make. Mixes from The Pelicann are what you’ve been searching for.
That. That’s our pledge to you. That’s what we’re about:
Bringing you the ideal versions of the hemp protein enriched products  you want and deserve.


How We’re Different (& Better!)

This is the part where we tell you how The Pelicann and our products are unique (and wonderful). After all, you probably want to know what makes our hemp protein enriched mixes special and superior, right?
Aside from the yummy products you’ll crave, what distinguishes The Pelicann from other hemp protein products and producers is innovation. This is key to making products you’ll love — ones that taste great and work for you.
Here are three important ways The Pelicann’s commitment to innovation is benefitting you:


Our Technology 

We developed cutting-edge, proprietary technology that evenly distributes the hemp protein  throughout your mix. This means you can be sure that you’re getting a amount of hemp protein with every bite and sip.


Hemp protein Flavor-Masking

The Pelicann has resolved this issue, again with advanced and exclusive technology. We’ve mastered flavor-masking! Our remarkable technique lets us adjust the taste profile of the hemp protein.
The result is that you get to reap the benefits of hemp protein without having to put up with its off-putting palate. All you perceive is chocolate, caramel, cinnamon — or whatever the headlining flavor is.


New Products All the Time

Preferences change. We get it. Given that our aim is to keep you happy, we’re staying on top of the trends and creating fresh products to satisfy consumer demands.
Be sure to check back often as we add to our product lineup on a regular basis! Look for new flavors, kinds of preparations, and buying options.


Meet The Team

Our team hails from the food industry.  In fact, our founders have been in the food biz for a total of 35+ years. Tack on to that successful years in the  hemp seeds and protein markets. 
At The Pelicann, we bring together the best experience from both of these realms. This is a huge (and fantastic) deal…for you!
Why? We have the chops to create the absolute best hemp protein-enriched products for you. Not only does our background let us develop the yummiest and most convenient products, it enables us to ensure they meet the toughest standards of excellence.
But, none of that makes a lick of difference if it’s not put into action. That’s not an issue here! Our crew is dedicated to leveraging our vast skills and deep knowledge to provide you with the utmost in service and product offerings.
Because, you know, food safety matters. The quality of your hemp protein matters. Most importantly — YOU matter.
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