About Us

The Pelicann is the Leading Brand of Cannibble Foodtech Ltd, an Israeli based food developing company with more than 35 years accumulated food developing, manufacturing and global distribution and 7 years experience with the pharma-grade and recreational CBD, hemp seeds & protein markets by its founders.

Cannibble  sells its products: CBD, hemp seeds & protein premixed powder foods, beverages  and spices infused with Cannabinoids with a controlled and measured dosage . The products are proposed Under the Pelicann Brand for personal use with ‘single-serve’ packages and for POS and convenience stores with instant servings of prepared products. Our easiest preparation concept promises freshly made cupcakes, shakes, flavored popcorn or many others in just a few seconds, by the consumer.

The Pelicann products are offered in two families, easy to spot by unique colors and carrying all types of CBD, hemp seeds & protein ingredients from Hemp seeds, Hemp seeds oils and Hemp protein (Green);  Isolated CBD (Pink) .   The Pelicann products are manufactured under a strict  QA protocols and with a known, tested and fixed cannabinoids dosage.