Fast, Flavorful, Fun CBD & Hemp Infused Food & Drink Mixes

Convenient, Easy, Yummy — Everything You Want In Your Everyday Treats


Need a cupcake, preferably still toasty warm, like right now? Craving an elaborate coffee beverage but don’t want the hassle of going to get it (or worse, having to concoct it, from scratch, yourself)? Looking for a unique and zesty way to spice up your otherwise ho-hum meal?

What You’ll Love

What if we told you that you can have that? Every day and almost effortlessly, too. And better still — you’ll get all the healthful benefits that come with hemp and CBD.

It’s true. With The Pelicann’s range of delicious mixes, you can enjoy a different indulgence each day of the week. (Also, we calculated the odds and it’s practically impossible for you to get bored with the variety.) Knowing these delights whip up in a mere instant and offer the wholesome goodness of hemp is like icing on top.

What Loves You

All products from The Pelicann are infused with hemp-derived CBD or hemp seeds and hemp protein. CBD and hemp seeds have been used for thousands of years worldwide, probably in large part because of their professed wellness-supporting properties. But, you can just think of them like little nutritional hugs, helping you care for yourself from the inside out.

Aside from our hero ingredients — hemp and CBD — it’s good to treat yourself well. (And you deserve it!) Taking 5 to relax and enjoy a chocolatey cakepop can be like hitting a personal refresh button. Frothing up a Chai Latte is a totally valid way to celebrate a job well done.


Go ahead, experience The Pelicann.

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