Hemp & CBD Infused Food

Convenient CBD infused treats and Hemp food for convenient living.


CBD infused food and Hemp food both have clear, unique benefits. CBD infused food achieves a calming effect and is used to relieve stress and anxiety. However, Hemp food is known for improving body maintenance and function. We see these benefits in action throughout our product lineup. 

For example, CannaShake’s CBD infused coffee takes advantage of the natural benefits of coffee and CBD. The CBD interacts with caffeine and negates several harsh side effects from the sudden burst of caffeine. This ultimately creates the sensation of alertness while keeping yourself calm. A natural, zen balance. 

However, the CannaShake Sports line achieves a different goal through their Hemp protein. Hemp is rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6, which improve energy production and management throughout the body. They also contain phytosterols, which are compounds used to break down cholesterol and improve digestion. The natural fiber within Hemp food and hemp protein powder eliminates toxins through the loss of fat, contributing to a healthy balanced diet. Other vitamins and minerals combat inflammation and fatigue, making it the perfect supplement to your workout routine.

We know that some people may just want an easy treat to munch on throughout the day. A simple CBD infused snack like CannaPop takes the classic low-calorie goodie and turns it into a soft way to get through the day. It’s light, tasty, and comes in a variety of sweet, salty,  and savory flavors.

But for the hungriest, CannaMix offers the best Hemp food and CBD infused flavors you can make at home. If you like to start your morning with a healthy breakfast, check out our two pancake mixes. The CDB infused mix pairs delightfully with your morning coffee (we recommend the flavorful CannaShake CBD infused coffee). If you’re headed to the gym, load up on carbs and hemp protein with our hemp-infused power pancakes! 

For those with a sweet tooth, impress your friends with cake pops! Or celebrate a day of hard work with a cup cake (literally, you make it in a cup!) choose from chocolate, chocolate chip, or red velvet. 

As you can see, our goal isn’t just about making sure you get a tasty meal: it’s about improving your quality of life. Through the benefits of CDB infused food and Hemp food, The Pelicann delivers on making sure you’re relaxed throughout the day, attentive, and can manage the production and distribution of energy throughout your body. Click through our variety of products and see how you can improve your quality of life today!

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Hemp protein/CBD Hemp protein/CBD infused powder mixes for microwave, oven, or pan for preparation of instant cupcakes, muffins, pancakes, brownies, soufflés, and cookies. (fixed line break, and grammar and spelling issues).


Fresh and flavorful CBD infused shakes! Take advantage of the single-serving packaging for on-the-go travel and drink it hot or cold!
cannashakes sports


The winning evolution of our Cannashakes. This hemp drink fuels you to victory with our nutritional hemp protein.


Savor the flavor of CDB infused spices. Our selection of pure and blended spices is the perfect additive to cookouts, salads, and pizza.


This CBD infused microwave popcorn is the premium light treat for weekends and evenings. Enjoy flavors such as plain & salted, butter, and salted caramel!