CBD & Hemp Infused
Drinks and Dessert Mixes

Convenient CBD infused treats and Hemp food for convenient living.


CBD  and Hemp seeds  both have unique known  benefits.   

Hemp seeds  is known as rich in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6.

 All  our products   offers Hemp seeds, hemp protein  or CBD infused.

 If you like to start your morning with  breakfast, check out our  Cannamix power pancake  infused with hemp seeds and hemp protein or with CBD.

 it pairs delightfully with your morning  flavored  cannashake  coffee or Chai (we recommend the flavorful CannaShake CBD infused coffee). 

For those with a sweet tooth, impress your friends with cake pops! Or celebrate a day of hard work with a  cannamix cup cake (literally, you make it in a cup!) choose from chocolate, chocolate chip, or red velvet. 

Our goal at The Pelicann  is making sure you get a tasty product  infused with  CBD or Hemp seeds & protein , 

It's easy to make it anywhere.


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