What’s Up with the Pelican?

Was the first thing you noticed about us our name and our logo? If so, that wouldn’t be surprising!
With a name like “The Pelicann” and a stand-out mascot like a pelican, you know some bold choices were made in the company boardroom.
So what gives? Why the pelican? You’re pretty sure there’s gotta be a story flying around behind all this.
Well, let’s see!

Pelicans in the Wild

First, an intro to the pelican is probably in order. This is a really fascinating creature!
And, of course, to know the pelican is to start understanding how and why we’ve gotten attached to it.

Pelicans 101

Pelicans are an ancient breed of large water birds. They’re known for their long, skinny beaks that have a stretchy pouch on the underside and their broad wingspan. Just so you’re in the know, here are some other fast facts to peck at:
  • There are eight species of pelicans. They’re found in various regions of the world, with the probable exception of Antarctica.
  • Pelicans are social birds. Their communities go by many names — like briefs, pods, pouches, scoops, or squadrons. Can you imagine a squadron of pelicans?!
  • The pelican can measure up to three meters wide from wing tip to wing tip. And that elasticy beak sac can hold up to three gallons of water. Impressive!
  • Pelicans are opportunistic omnivores that may eat up to four pounds of food daily. While they do have those remarkable, scoopy bills — ideal for catching seafood and draining off the water — pelicans will pretty much eat anything they can swallow whole. Even live pigeons!
  • There are two species of pelicans that dive for prey. The birds have developed both physical features — e.g., special airbag-like structures under the skin and in the bones — and techniques — e.g., contracting the neck muscles and folding the wings back all the way — that enable them to fish safely and effectively. This is critical considering that pelicans often start from 60 feet above the water and can attain speeds of 40 miles per hour in their dives.
In summary, pelicans are pretty bada$. They’re diverse, robust, and adaptable animals. They have an affinity for family and friends and for tasty convenience food. They have so many qualities that make them unique and distinguishable.

The Essence of a Pelican

So how did we go from “Pelicans are cool!” to “The Pelicann” and a matching logo? Keep reading….

Origin Story

In a previous post, you met some of our management team. Well, they’re not the only clever fellas on the team. Apparently, the designers (Arnesto and Matan) are a creative, thoughtful duo as well.
As they were brainstorming brand ideas — ones that could join the concepts of cannabis and food — the pelican came to mind. Bear with us — we’ll circle round to how this does indeed make sense!
Eventually, after bandying about several other contenders, the pelican became our mascot and the muse for our logo.
And, of course, the pelican inspired our name: The Pelicann. (This is extra terrific because it contains a witty pun that combines two things we adore — pelicans and cannabis. Bonus points for that!)

Traits We Admire

We’ve already called out some characteristics of pelicans that really jived with our crew:

  • Diverse like our customers and products
  • Sturdy and well-put-together, which are signs of quality and fitness for their purposes
  • Caring for others
  • Love of a variety of foods and flavors, especially when they’re fast-prep
  • Different and striking — in a good way, like they’re interesting and memorable!
This may just be us projecting onto our feathered friends, but we feel like pelicans represent a spirit of lightheartedness or silliness. Let’s face it — they’re amazing but they can also seem a bit ridiculous. Have you seen a pelican with three gallons of water in its mouth or the way it waddles around?!
Anyway, we like this sort of goofiness that the pelican’s got going on. It’s like the pelican doesn’t take itself too seriously.
The pelican’s skill, behaviors, and mannerism aren’t the only things that appeal to us, though. We also dig the overall shape of pelicans — they have such great form. And, no joke, we think their legs and feet are kinda neat-looking!

A Pelican in Each of Us

We like to think there’s a little bit of pelican in each of us. That we:

  • Conduct ourselves with confidence
  • Portray just the right balance of pragmatism and ingenuity
  • Are fun and funny, but with kindness and sensitivity mixed in
  • Are connected, yet individualistic
We try to prioritize the important things, keep perspective, and maintain a sense of humor as we shuffle through life.
Most importantly, though, we enjoy savoring a quick-to-procure succulent treat. But of the CannaMix or CannaShake variety — not of the unfortunate dive-bombed fish type.

From the Bill of the Pelican Himself

In our minds’ ears we can hear our mascot pelican’s message to you. He’s chanting — repeatedly like it’s a mantra — “You must try these mixes. They are super tasty.”
Really, he’s got a fairly one-track mind. He’s eager for you to develop a lust for food, flavors, and fun — The Pelicann-style — like him. If we didn’t let him have his fill of cake pops, we’re sure he’d swoop down and steal them off our unguarded plates….

The Pelicann Takes Flight

Yup, the pelican is definitely our spirit animal. As a company, we try to embody all the positive and endearing characteristics that draw us to this bird of birds.
We strive to make connections between people and their needs by creating a wide assortment of yummy and easy-to-enjoy food and drink products. With plans to continually introduce new products, we exhibit that streak of innovation and scrappiness that’s so natural to our birdie hero.
Meanwhile, it’s also important that we keep our stakeholders — customers, employees, etc. — happy, smiling, and laughing. It’s good to share the riches of life with your people (and pelicans).
The Pellicann

Birds of a Feather Make Hemp- & CBD-Infused Mixes Together

A pelican is a fascinating, dynamic bird with lots of remarkable characteristics. That’s why it makes for such a fitting mascot.
Our favorite qualities of these animals include their strength, sociality, appearance, and seemingly quirky personality. The Pelicann aspires to take inspiration from these admirable traits and infuse that into our company, branding, and products.
We invite you to honor our pelican’s encouragement to “… try these mixes. They are super tasty.”