Cannashake™ CBD Infused Coffee Sugar Free


Made from the finest quality ingredients and Infused with 50 mg of High-Quality CBD


Now you can enjoy our unique Sugar-free coffee blend with the same fresh Aroma and strong flavor.  Ready to enjoy in just a couple of minutes with your favorite milk or plant-based milk. It can be made Hot or Cold at your choice

Coffee is inherently healthy by itself, but sometimes it can be harmful by adding too much sugar. You know you need coffee in the morning, but sometimes you don’t need the sugar. That’s where CannaShake’s Sugar-Free Coffee stands out! Now you can enjoy your morning coffee and its CBD infusion without worrying about sugar. 

Our unique CBD coffee blend gives off a fresh aroma and strong flavor. Ready to enjoy in just a couple of minutes with your favorite milk or plant-based milk. It can be made hot or cold at your choice.

A daily cup of coffee can invigorate your body as you begin your day, and a little CBD can bring physical and mental relief. So what happens when you put them together? Because the caffeine energizes the mellowing effect of CBD, this helps you start off your day with calming energy and a sense of calm confidence. As the CBD modulates receptors in your brain, it lengthens the natural benefits of both CBD and coffee.

Do you deal with morning anxiety, nervous jitters, or muscle cramps? CBD Coffee is the perfect way to sharpen your mental alertness while dulling stress simultaneously. This unique blend of natural chemicals also relaxes the powerful side effects of caffeine such as digestive issues and rapid heartbeats.

We take pride in our delicious coffee blended with high-quality, isolated CBD. Each package is prepared with a single serving so you don’t have to worry about messy measuring cups or making a mess on the kitchen counter. Don’t have time to let it brew? Mix it with your favorite milk and head out the door! Serve your CBD Coffee hot or cold—your choice!

What are you waiting for? Order your first batch of CBD Coffee today and start the morning with the energy and confidence that you deserve!