Behind the Brand — Meet The Pelicann

Hey there! We over here at The Pelican thought it was high time to properly acquaint ourselves. After all, we’re looking forward to a long and fruitful (er, or chocolatey?) relationship with you — and don’t want that awkward sense of “Uh, who are you?” hanging between us.

It’s our pleasure to introduce some of our team. We’re also proud to share a bit about our background — so you know you’re getting great products from a company that knows what the heck it’s doing. Isn’t shopping with confidence the best?

Meet the Team

Let’s pull aside the curtain for a moment. Who are the folks making the mix magic happen? These guys!

Yoav Bar Joseph

CEO and a founder of The Pelicann

This is Yoav. Fondly known as Bario around the office, he’s the CEO and a founder of The Pelicann. A veteran of the food industry, Yoav’s been turning foodie dreams and ideas into sellable products for over 25 years. That makes for some serious street cred!

But, Yoav’s not just a whiz at food commercialization — he’s an interesting guy! Here are a few more juicy tidbits about Yoav:

  • When not busy with work, Yoav enjoys skiing, traveling the world, and savoring good food (Big surprise? Nope!).
  • As a youngster, Yoav was a competitive swimmer and competed in national contests.
  • One of Yoav’s favorite movie lines is “Life is like a box of chocolate. You never know what you’re going to get.” from Forrest Gump. He likes the notion that every day has the potential for fresh surprises and that we can all make daily choices to enjoy life. Deep, huh?

Maybe you’re wondering what Yoav’s favorite product from The Pelicann is? It’s the crowd-pleaser: Chai Latte. This is Yoav’s go-to the morning bev. He loves to listen to some chill tunes as he prepares his chai, noting that, “the smell of the aromatic spices together with the unique flavors makes me relax and start the day calm but energized.” Can anyone else out there totally relate to this?!

Elad Barkan

CTO and a founder of The Pelicann

May we present Elad, our CTO and a founder of The Pelicann. Elad is a well-seasoned food entrepreneur with over 20 years in the industry. He’s also a foodie’s foodie. More than just a chef, Elad’s a food products R&D expert who’s brought over 1,000 tasty creations to market. Yowza!

Elad’s got it goin’ on outside of work, too. He’s a man of many dimensions! Sink your teeth into these morsels about Elad:

  • Beyond the confines of the office, Elad loves to travel and to play/watch soccer. You probably won’t be shocked, but he’s also passionate about gourmet food.
  • Food must’ve been his calling because — from a very early age — Elad knew he’d be a chef someday. (Wishes coming true — it’s so beautiful!)
  • Elad’s favorite quote is from Walt Disney — “If you can dream it, you can do it!” Not a bad mantra to have, especially for all the go-getters out there.

Curious which products from The Pelicann Elad reaches for? Well, he says, “All the products are my babies — you can’t have me choose only one. I think it’s better to try a different mix every day — it’s more interesting!” Mmm…can you feel Elad’s sense of adventure and devotion to all things culinary shining through? We think so!

We Know Food, We Know Hemp & CBD

OK, so now you know the maestros leading The Pelicann. So what? Why’s that interesting or important?

Valid questions. It’s a big deal for a couple of reasons:

  • With such an extensive background in the food and cannabis industries, we understand the relevant rules, regulations, and best practices.
  • Our successful track record means we’ve got a clue as to how to treat customers — like you! — well and continually create amazing products you’ll love.

These aren’t just bullet points on your screen — they represent critical and substantive takeaways for you. They mean that:

  1. You can gulp or gobble down all your scrumptious treats from The Pelicann with complete assurance, knowing that all of our mixes are safely produced and of the highest quality.
  2. You can look forward to frequent introductions of fun, tasty products that you’re bound to claim are your new faves (but you’ll still show all your previous favorites love!). Seriously, your taste buds won’t get bored.
  3. (If you’re buying our CBD-infused mixes) You’re getting products that leverage innovative technology, which evenly distributes the CBD throughout your mix and masks the earthy flavor of the CBD.

See? It’s really all about you. The better you know us, the better able you’ll be to recognize — and take advantage of! — all the benefits The Pelicann has to offer you.

Nice to Meet You!

If our pelican mascot could bow and murmur “Enchanté!” — he would. At any rate, it’s our pleasure to share a bit about our team and our experience.

The Pelicann’s expertise is a benefit to you. You can shop and enjoy The Pelicann mixes with confidence in their safety and quality. Plus, you can anticipate exciting and delicious new products on a regular basis.

It’s unavoidable — you’ll likely relish every variety of food and drink you try from The Pelicann. So, we happily look forward to connecting with you and providing your everyday indulgences.